Increase confidence and skills
with a

free reading program
middle school

Prepare your students for high school with an engaging reading program that teaches essential deep reading comprehension skills

Students grow with Quindew!

Students gain more confidence as readers
Students engage in rigorous reading practice
Students enjoy reading texts that meet them where they are
Students develop reading comprehension skills in preparation for high school reading tasks
Students learn to think like readers and writers

Engage all minds!

Students mark textual details and the computer grades it! Students have to know the answer. No guessing.
Students learn in real time with on-demand lessons, second chance opportunities and question feedback.
96% of students are highly engaged! Students are motivated by personal goals, badges, and game currency.

Support Reading Skills

Each Quest (or reading lesson) delivers 10 skill-based questions that follow a proven reading process.

Quindew's reading process is designed to improve students' reading comprehension skills.

Students can participate in Quests 2-3 times a week, giving them a good amount of reading practice each week. Quindew's reading lessons differentiate and enhance reading instruction for all students.

Experience the Difference

Quindew assesses students while they engage in authentic reading practice. Instructional time is not lost to long, multi-day tests. In fact, the amount of time students spend close reading and critically thinking increases.

Our adaptive technology responds quickly to students' reading needs and can level up or down. Students do not hit a "performance ceiling."

Additionally, the reading process and close reading skills students learn in each Quest transfer to other subjects and reading tasks. This ensures students can use what they are learning on Quindew to help them read and write more effectively.

With the completion of each reading practice, Quindew delivers data that is clear and accurate. We don't use multiple choice questions. We don't like guessing.

We mimic explicit, classroom instruction and pedagogy, and students practice reading like they would in a classroom with a teacher. The best part, students have fun, teachers don't have to grade, and quality reading gets done!

Lift all students up!

Differentiate reading instruction with Smart AI Technology so students get what they need
Boost confidence with extra support and second chance opportunities
Provide positive feedback so students stay engaged and happy in the learning process

Fun Online Reading Program

Learn more about the five components our reading program.

  • Forever-FREE account for teachers and students
  • Reading data for classroom teachers
  • Program reading data for schools and districts
  • Curriculum Pack to enhance instruction and target reading gaps
  • Professional learning for effective implementation
20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
Quindew delivers an exceptional reading program that sharpens students’ reading skills.