Build skills and confidence
with a

EL Reading Program

Support your EL students with explicit instruction and reading lessons that build vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension 

Get ready for success!

Build their confidence and reading skills
Provide a ton of personalized support
Deliver continuous reading practice they need and want
Meet them at their reading level and move them up
Get students to see themselves as readers, thinkers, and writers

It's all about support!

Translate questions and reading passages into 50+ languages.
Deliver personalized dictionaries to help students understand more.
Provide videos to make difficult concepts easy to understand. 

Support Reading Skills

Each Quest (or reading lesson) delivers 10 skill-based questions that follow a proven reading process.
Quindew's reading process is designed to  improve students' reading comprehension skills.
Students can participate in Quests 2-3 times a week, giving them a good amount of reading practice each week.
Quindew's reading lessons enhance reading instruction and work to close reading gaps.  

Your EL Partner

As an EL teacher, you are responsible for a lot. You are a content and language teacher, a fierce advocate, a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, and a life coach. You are passionate about your students and their futures.

QuindewEL is your reading partner. We are here to help you get your students meeting grade level reading standards.

QuindewEL delivers authentic reading experiences, predictable reading routines, guided and supported reading, explicit instruction, and adaptive support for your beginning and advanced English learners. QuindewEL is dedicated to helping your EL students develop critical skills so they can reach and exceed grade level reading standards across content areas.

Writing Assessments

We simplify writing assessments, making them more accessible, and deliver powerful data to inform instruction!

Real-Time Data

With our AI language model, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.

Track Progress

We ensure educators can track individual student progress over time so that teachers can facilitate targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Feedback & Goals

Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals.

Targeted Instruction

With our Insight Data, teachers can easily analyze results, identify gaps, review student goals and clearly understand where to go with writing instruction.

Equity and Fairness

Our process mitigates potential bias and subjectivity, allowing for more equitable evaluations and reducing disparities among students.

Teachers as Coaches

When teachers have access to authentic writing data, they can spend more time coaching and developing powerful writing lessons and less time evaluating!

Lift all students up!

Deliver reading instruction that meets your kids where they are. Then, watch them grow.
Boost confidence with extra support and second chance opportunities.
Provide positive feedback so students stay engaged and happy in the learning process.

Fun Online Reading Program

Learn more about the five components our reading program.

  • Forever-FREE account for teachers and students
  • Reading data for classroom teachers
  • Program reading data for schools and districts
  • Curriculum Pack to enhance instruction and target reading gaps
  • Professional learning for effective implementation
20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
QuindewEL delivers rigorous, cognitively demanding reading practice that explicitly teaches college and career readiness and ELD reading standards.