Increase confidence and skills
with a

reading & writing program for middle school

  • Boost language and reading comprehension
  • Explicitly teach "habits of mind" of good readers
  • Ensure all students write read and write more
  • Differentiate reading and writing instruction
  • Receive real-time reading and writing data
  • Build student confidence as readers and writers 
  • Enhance instruction with powerful reading and writing routines

Students grow with Quindew!

Students gain more confidence
Students engage in rigorous reading and writing practice
Students enjoy reading texts that meet them where they are
Students develop reading comprehension skills in preparation for high school reading and writing tasks
Students learn to think like readers and writers

Pedagogy is the difference

Quindew leverages sound teaching pedagogy, research on adolescent literacy, and classroom best practices to deliver reading experiences that enhance teaching and learning. With explicit, skill-based pedagogy, students can develop the critical reading, speaking, and writing skills they need to grow and achieve in school and in life. Our proven pedagogy contributes to a positive literacy culture and ignites confidence and enthusiasm in students. Ask the other guys what pedagogical practices they use to help students grow as readers and writers because pedagogy is the difference maker.

Get More Instructional Time

Quindew assesses students while they practice. Instructional time is not lost to long, multi-day exams. Instead, students never stop learning!

Keep Minds On

Students' minds are always engaged while on Quindew. Students have opportunities to learn and fix mistakes. This is what brains love to do.

Build Confidence

Students gain confidence and feel smarter as they read and write on Quindew. We treat students with respect and acknowledge that they are intelligent and capable of doing hard things.

Develop Skills that Transfer

Students learn essential reading and writing skills and academic routines that transfer to other academic tasks and subjects. The literacy skills we teach are powerful and college ready!

Read and Write Authentically

We pride ourselves on creating authentic reading and writing experiences that mirror effective classroom instruction and lesson design. Students are required to think and they love it!

Have Fun and Enjoy Literacy

Our collaborative learning routines, obsession with quality instruction, high-expectations, and engaging content creates a fun atmosphere filled with curiosity, critical thinking, and happiness! 

Student-Centered Reading Lessons

Students engaged in adaptive reading lessons (or Quests) 2-3 times a week.

  • Students identify text-evidence as their answer. No multiple choice.
  • Students learn how to ask questions good readers ask.
  • Skills are taught explicitly as students practice using them with authentic texts.
  • Reading lessons enhance instruction by teaching the art of close reading.
  • Optional writing tasks are available at the end of each Quest.

Teacher-Driven Reading Lessons

Classroom teachers can select from a library of reading lessons to:

  • Explicitly teach reading and writing skills.
  • Facilitate small group reading instruction.
  • Build critical vocabulary skills.
  • Engage students in authentic conversations about text.

Reading Assessments

Diagnostic Reading Assessment

Quindew evaluates students' reading ability while they rehearse critical deep reading comprehension skills. After completing 12 Quests (or the first Season), Quindew generates a diagnostic report. The data is used to create a unique learning path for each student, ensuring everyone receives the support they need. No time is lost, learning continues, and teachers and school leaders gain access to reliable reading data!

Growth Reading Assessments

Growth assessments formatively assess how students are progressing throughout the year. Students take two Growth assessments each Season, totaling 10 benchmark assessments each school year.

Mastery Reading Assessments

At the end of each Season, students take a Mastery assessment. This Mastery assessment measures students' growth during a Season. Students can take 5 Mastery assessments each year. On average, students grow .38 grade levels each Season.

Write More with Instant Feedback

Quindew's Ink Universe delivers a dynamic writing experience where students are coached how to strengthen their writing during each step in our research-based writing process. 

Ink teaches students how to proofread their writing and identify grammatical mistakes before submitting their final draft.

On turn in, students receive instant feedback, rubric scores, and writing lessons that help students grow as writers while enhancing writing instruction.

Writing Assessments

Quindew auto-grades authentic writing assessments and delivers powerful data to inform instruction!

Real-Time Data

With our AI language model, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.

Track Progress

We ensure educators can track individual student progress over time so that teachers can facilitate targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Feedback & Goals

Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals.

Targeted Instruction

With our Insight Data, teachers can easily analyze results, identify gaps, review student goals and clearly understand where to go with writing instruction.

Equity and Fairness

Our process mitigates potential bias and subjectivity, allowing for more equitable evaluations and reducing disparities among students.

Teachers as Coaches

When teachers have access to authentic writing data, they can spend more time coaching and developing powerful writing lessons and less time evaluating!

EdTech Digest Awards Best Reading Solution!

We are pleased to announce that Quindew was named as a top finalist for Best New Product and Best Reading Solution for 2020. Quindew continues to lead the way in reading instruction and assessment.  

Students and Teachers love it!

Students log in to Quindew and they are immediately engaged in the reading process. I've been looking for an online tool that quickly assesses students' reading ability. Quindew gets it done in minutes.”

- Jose, California

My kids groan when I ask them to complete tasks on other reading programs. Not Quindew. They are genuinely excited to work on Quindew lessons. They like collecting badges and earning rewards like Blue Diamonds that they can use to buy things.”

- Meera, California

My kids love it. I love it because it teaches so many soft skills like perseverance, determination, and curiosity. I also like how Quindew teaches students to read directions carefully. Very pleased!”

- Rick, California

Lift all students up!

Differentiate reading instruction with Smart AI Technology so students get what they need
Boost confidence with extra support and second chance opportunities
Provide positive feedback so students stay engaged and happy in the learning process

Explicitly Teach Deep Reading Comprehension Skills!

Predict the main idea
Identify unfamiliar words
Number paragraphs
Predict text type
Identify author's purpose
Define in-text vocabulary
Analyze transitional language
Identify central ideas
Identify textual evidence
Determine point of view
Make inferences
Identify central claims
Identify opinions
Identify reasons/reasoning
Identify counterclaims
Analyze text structure
Trace sequence of events
Analyze paragraph structure
Identify phrases and clauses
Identify prefixes and suffixes
Analyze rhetorical devices

Free Reading Program

  • Forever-FREE account for teachers and students
  • Weekly practice of deep reading comprehension skills
  • Reading routines that build confidence, skills, and knowledge
  • Engaging, high-interest texts
  • Transferable skills that give greater access to curriculum
  • Reading experiences that teach critical, independent thinking
20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
Quindew delivers an exceptional reading program that sharpens students’ reading skills.