Increase Achievement
with a

reading program

that builds confidence and skills
Support distance learning by offering adaptive, self-contained and rigorous, weekly reading practice.

Recognized since 2014!

Since 2010, the co-founders of LiteracyTA have developed amazing resources for teaching and learning that have helped nearly 300,000 students. In 2014, they were recognized for their leadership in education. 
In 2017, the co-founders were recognized again. This time, they were named top finalist for their "trend setting" product, LTA Toolkit Pro. Their online tools and resources are built from a unique skill-based pedagogy.
After 10 years of incredible experience and a lot of love, LiteracyTA has launched its next "game changing" resource.

Teachers love it!

Students log in to Quindew and they are immediately engaged in the reading process. I've been looking for an online tool that quickly assesses students' reading ability. Quindew gets it done in minutes.”

- Jose, California

Clarity's analysis of skill performance such as analyze text structure, identify central claims, and identify key details, clearly supports our state literacy standards.”

- Sierra, California

Clarity gave me peace of mind knowing I was making data-driven decisions to inform my instruction.”

- Patrick, California

Quindew Is Your Partner

You are responsible for a lot. You are a teacher, an advocate, a coach, a shoulder to cry on, and a mentor. You are passionate about your students and the subjects you teach.

Teaching reading is just one thing you do. Now you have a partner to help.

With Quindew, you get weekly reports that are easy to read, reading lessons delivered directly to students that teach state reading standards, and a program that does a lot of heavy lifting so you don't have to.