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Start with Better Data

The best way to get accurate and reliable reading data is to make the assessment fun and engaging. The trick is to keep a student's brain on as long as possible. Reading assessments can be fun. They can even be exciting. And as a result, you get better data. Welcome to Quindew Clarity!

Quindew assessments are embedded into the learning process. Students don't realize they are taking assessments as they complete Quests. They move through levels and master the building blocks of good reading, earn badges, and reach to meet new challenges. Clarity's real-time data tells a more accurate story about each child's reading ability because each child buys into the authentic reading experience and enjoys the journey.

View Reading Level Snapshots

Growth data is essential. Schools and districts want to know how their students are progressing as readers throughout the year, not just once or twice during a testing window. Clarity Data for Programs offers clear performance dashboards that provide timely snapshots of how students are growing all year. Clarity Data uses a unique grade level metric that provides a clear picture of where students are in their growth.

Understand What is Happening

In addition to real-time reporting, Clarity Data for Programs offers End-of-Season Growth Reports that explain where your students started and where they ended up at the end of a Season (or 12 Quests). This type of longitudinal reporting helps leaders in education better understand what is happening over an extended period of time. End-of-Season Growth Reports also provide next steps that are tailored to a school’s unique reading needs. The simple goal is to have all students feel better and perform better as readers. Clarity Data’s End-of-Season Growth Reports help schools and districts determine if that is happening and what needs to change in order to achieve that goal.

Sort and Group Students

Various programs on campus and across a district need data that is easy to navigate and understand. Clarity Data for Programs makes it easy for administrators, coordinators, and teacher leaders to sort students into groups. School and district leaders can quickly group students by reading performance, grade level, engagement, and reading support. Clarity Data for Programs can also run quick reports on English learners and struggling readers to make sure schools can effortlessly monitor and support their most vulnerable populations.

See What Teachers See

Clarity Data for Programs provides a seamless interface for checking in on teachers, classes, and individual students. Administrators and program leaders have access to every piece of data available to teachers. This means, school and district leaders can drill down into class and student level data to better understand what is happening. This level of transparency helps administrators and teacher leaders make informed decisions about their students.

Your Data Should Work for You!

These are some of the important questions Clarity Data for Programs can answer.

  • Are my students using Quindew?
  • What is a student’s current reading level?
  • Are students engaged in this reading program?
  • Are students growing as readers?
  • How are students progressing as readers?
  • How are my EL students doing?
  • How many students are reading below grade level?
  • Are my students ready for the next grade?
  • Are my students ready for the end of the year exam?
  • How might my students do on state and local reading tests?
  • What reading skills do my students need to focus on?
  • What should my teachers teach to help our students grow as readers?
  • Are my struggling readers getting reading support?

EdTech Digest Awards Best Reading Solution!

We are pleased to announce that Quindew was named as a top finalist for Best New Product and Best Reading Solution for 2020. Quindew continues to lead the way in reading instruction and assessment.  
Since 2010, the co-founders of LiteracyTA have developed amazing resources for teaching and learning that have helped nearly 300,000 students. In 2014, they were recognized for their leadership in education. 
In 2017, LiteracyTA's teacher Toolkit was named Trend Setter top finalist. Their online tools and resources are built from a unique skill-based pedagogy that changes the way kids think and learn.
Up to date, realtime growth data
Clear reading data to inform/differentiate instruction
Quickly identify groups that need more support
Stay on target with weekly reading goals
Pinpoint student strengths and growth opportunities
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