Purposeful Reading Practice

When students Quindew, they are engaged in the right type of reading practice. Each Quest is designed with purposeful learning moments that teach students how to read at a deeper level in order to understand more. 

  • Survey Says 
    Predict the main idea by typing words related to the title. This activity activates the brain and gets students thinking about the ideas in a text before reading which increases comprehension.
  • Scan for Vocabulary 
    Identify unfamiliar words in a text. Quindew generates a personalized dictionary that students can use throughout the Quest. This deepens students' over all comprehension and boosts their confidence.
  • Marking 
    Pinpoint exact words, phrases, and sentences in a text. This question type uniquely challenges students and helps teachers understand what their students truly know.
  • Free Text 
    Write one or two word answers directly from the text or from Quindew's reading tutorials. This holds students more accountable to read a text more closely and to measure more accurately students' reading comprehension.
  • Second Chance Opportunities 
    Students are encouraged to try again if they miss a question. The second chance opportunity keeps the students in the game and offers supports to help students learn at the exact moment they are ready to learn.