Quest - Reading Lessons

What is a Quest?

Quindew strives to make reading enjoyable for kids. That's why we developed Quests. Like in a game, Quests challenge students to do their best and practice important reading skills so they can achieve more later on. A Quest is a reading lesson that includes 10 reading prompts that ask students to read and reread a single texts for multiple purposes. Each time they read, they gain more skills and knowledge of the information they are reading. The goal? Grow just a little bit each time. Get a little better at a single skill. All the little victories will add up to great success.

Classroom Activity: Explore a Quest Together

After you introduce Quindew to your students, sign in to your account and project your computer screen. Click the "Try as student" button on your Classes page. Take a Quest together as a class. Students should not be on their individual Quindew accounts at this time. This is a whole class activity. It's okay if you get something wrong. It will be good for your students to see how the program works. Buy tips, tutorials, and mark answers together. They will love doing this with you and will be excited to start Quindewing on their own.

Did you know?

  • Each Quest follows a research-based reading process--predict the main idea, scan paragraphs, predict the type of text, and engage in purposeful reading and rereading.
  • Students have second chance opportunities to answer questions correctly. Students get support on their second attempt and half credit. This keeps them motivated to keep trying as they learn from their mistakes. 
  • Students are motivated by weekly challenges and opportunities to earn badges and Quindew currency--the coveted blue diamonds.