Free Online Reading Program

It's FREE & Fun!

Quindew offers a free online reading program that boosts students' ability to read well. Each lesson improves essential reading skills and reading confidence. Kids love it and teachers appreciate the challenging reading lessons. You can't cut free and you can't argue with fun.

Free Online Reading Program

Our fun online reading program is absolutely free, forever! It’s true! Our mission is to deliver excellent reading instruction and practice directly to kids regardless of school budgets.

Students engage in rigorous reading practice 2-3 times a week, developing essential comprehension reading skills like identifying main ideas, central claims, text evidence, and making inferences.

Quindew utilizes gamification best practices which makes reading fun and engaging. Students go on Quests and work toward accomplishing personal reading goals and earn rewards like badges, game currency, and star points.

Supporting Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a free reading program for all kids (grades 3-10). We know that reading is personal and that kids need individualized support to grow as readers.

We also know that teachers, schools, and districts benefit from reading data that is clear and curriculum that targets specific reading gaps.

We offer a few premium add-ons to help schools and districts understand and support their readers, assist with program monitoring and performance, and inform and enhance reading instruction.

Additionally, our premium Quindew add-ons make it possible for us to offer an amazing free reading program.

Premium Quindew Add-ons

Clarity Data for Teachers

This is the perfect data package for classroom teachers who want to understand more about their students as readers! Teachers gain access to truly actionable data that they can use in practical ways. For the first time, teachers have clarity on what each student needs.

  • Enjoy weekly reading data that includes grade and Lexile levels
  • Know how your students are performing on essential reading skills
  • Dig in to question level details and view student answers
  • Group students based on performance, engagement, and support
  • View weekly performance reports for all classes
  • Predict performance on standardized tests

Clarity Data for Programs

Understand what is happening at a site and across a district with Clarity Programs. This is the ultimate data package that provides complete access for school and district leaders to essential reading data. See what the classroom teacher sees with Clarity Data and so much more.

  • Weekly Performance Reports for all classes
  • Reading Performance by grade level
  • Reading Performance by skill level
  • Reading Performance for English language learners
  • Reading Engagement Reports
  • Administrator/Leader access to class and student reports
  • School/District wide reading level reports
  • School/District wide performance level reports by grade
  • School/district wide standards-based reading skills reports

Curriculum Pack

With Quindew’s Curriculum Pack, classroom teachers are given instructional tools, materials, and research-based reading comprehension skills to explicitly teach what students still need to learn. With our Curriculum Pack, classroom teachers can drill into the standards-based skill reports and gain access to relevant teaching materials right there on the data dashboard. The data is the “what to teach.” The Curriculum Pack is the “how to teach it.”

Teacher Training

Teachers gain confidence from a one hour training with a Quindew expert. Our reading experts are classroom teachers, so participants learn practical and effective ways to implement Quindew, share Clarity Data with their students, and use the data to drive explicit reading instruction.

20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
Quindew is an exceptional reading program that builds skills and confidence.