Fun & Free Reading Program
for Middle School

New Writing Assignments w/Auto-Grading
Boost deep reading comprehension and sharpen academic writing skills with our adaptive online practice, engaging lessons, auto-grading, and personalized feedback.

Free Reading Program

We provide a powerful reading program that enhances learning and develops students into independent readers.

With Reading Program, you can...
  • Deliver adaptive and differentiated reading practice that meet students where they are, motivating them to grow. 
  • Enhance instruction by rehearsing close reading skills.
  • Introduce students to a variety of high-interest texts across subjects, deepening their knowledge of critical content and subject-specific vocabulary. 
  • Build reading stamina and fluency.
  • Support readers with strategic scaffolds that respond to individual student's needs, leading to greater confidence.

How it works:

Assign up to three Quests (adaptive reading lessons) each week. You can turn on autopilot and let us do the work, or you can manually release a lesson when you are ready. Students who complete more than three Seasons grow 1.5 reading grade levels on average.

Supporting Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a free reading program for all kids (grades 3-10). We know that reading is personal and that kids need individualized support to grow as readers.

We also know that teachers, schools, and districts benefit from reading data that is clear and curriculum that targets specific reading gaps.

We offer a few premium add-ons to help schools and districts understand and support their readers, assist with program monitoring and performance, and inform and enhance reading instruction.

Additionally, our premium Quindew add-ons make it possible for us to offer our amazing reading program for free.

Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Teacher-Driven Lessons

Gain access to our lesson library of highly engaging articles, poems, and short stories. Each lesson provides fun learning routines that require students to practice reading, critical thinking, collaboration, and writing skills. In addition to the lessons being fun, this is a perfect Tier 1 support.

With Teacher-Driven Lessons, you can...
  • Deliver instruction with confidence with our step-by-step instructional moves to ensure students effectively engage in critical thinking and academic conversations about text.
  • Explicitly teach deep reading comprehension skills.
  • Enjoy fully supported lessons with vocabulary practice, sentence frames, strategies to support Language learners, classroom-ready handouts, and tips and suggestions on how to add complexity and make it fun. 
  • Turn on "Pause and Discuss" questions and immediately gain access to built-in discussion starters to help students understand what they are reading.  
  • Facilitate text-dependent writing lessons that teach students how to break down a prompt, analyze a text, and incorporate textual evidence into original writing.

How it works:

Choose lessons you want to teach, or select a Reading Unit and let us help you plan your next month or two. When you are ready, assign a lesson to your class, and your students can access the curriculum immediately. When you implement our online Quests (see Reading Practice) and our Teacher-Driven Lessons, you will instantly see a change in how your students read and how they see themselves as readers. 
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Writing Practice

Support your young writers like never before. Ink Writing Universe auto-grades short response and process essays while providing instant, personalized feedback to your students. Stop carting your papers back and forth to your house. Let us grade them for you. We can grade a class set of papers in a few minutes, freeing you up to do other things with your time. We're confident you can think of something to do.

With Writing Practice, you can...
  • Deliver weekly writing practice so students can rehearse essential writing skills (especially writing with and about sources).
  • Engage students in a transferable writing process that they can use as they move through the grade levels.
  • Guarantee students turn in their best work with our Proofreader.
  • Help students develop writing fluency in preparation for state and local writing exams. 
  • Improve students' ability to talk about writing and improve the overall quality of student writing through collaborative writing workshops.
  • Give instant, personalized feedback to students ensuring every student grows from quality writing feedback every week. 
  • Support data-driven instruction by assigning short writing tasks more often that target specific moves in writing.

How it works:

You can select a writing task from our extensive writing library, or you can create your own. The Ink Writing Universe offers argument, informative, and narrative writing tasks. Since you don't have to worry about spending 20 hours grading student papers, you can assign writing more often. You might consider assigning something once a week. When students turn in their writing, we auto-grade it. You can release the grades and feedback when you are ready. Don't worry, we also offer our feedback in languages other than English. We hope you join us as we revolutionize writing instruction!
Ink Writing Universe Includes...

Writing Assessments

Start the school year with a baseline writing assessment. Don't worry. You don't have to grade it. The last thing you want to do is grade essays the first two weeks of school. We are happy to grade them for you. Then, we will share your class writing data with you. You can start the year knowing exactly what writing skills to teach your students. How great is that. Then, you can assign a mid-year and end-of-year assessment to monitor how well your young writers are growing.

With Writing Assessments, you can...
  • Provide writing assessments 2-3 times a year so professional teams like PLCs and grade level teams have writing data to drive decisions.
  • Auto-grade your essays instantly and deliver real-time results with meaningful feedback.
  • Spend more time coaching writing and less time evaluating it.
  • Enjoy reading your students' writing without worrying about grading them.
  • Be data-driven and confidently respond to the writing needs in each class. 

How it works:

Start the year with a baseline writing assessment. You can choose one from our assessment library, build a new assessment, or use an assessment you have used in the past. Select or build your assessment and assign it to a class. Done! Results are instant and your students immediately start learning from our detailed feedback and kid-friendly rubrics.
Quest Reading Universe Includes...

Reading Assessments

Evaluate students' reading ability while they rehearse critical deep reading comprehension skills without losing valuable instructional time.

With Reading Assessments, you can...
  • Auto-grade close reading standards authentically by removing multiple choice and engaging students in highlighting text and identifying key terms to truly understand what students know and are able to do.
  • Provide immediate and continuous feedback to your students and you can use that real-time feedback to target instruction
  • Increase reading practice and instruction while continuously monitoring your students progress.
  • Motivate students with second chance opportunities and support the learning process with smart reading scaffolds.

How it works:

Our reading assessments are embedded. It's a win-win-win. Students don't get bored during a lengthy test. You don't have to give up valuable instructional time for reading data. And students deepen their knowledge of reading while we continuously assess and report on reading performance.
Fun and engaging literacy programs for every grade level 3-12.
Immediate, personalized feedback and goals for students.
Clear, actionable data to support reading & writing instruction.
Engaging, standards-based instruction that promotes critical and analytical thinking.
Data dashboards that ensure classroom teachers have the information they need to effectively monitor students and respond quickly to their needs.
Fun and Engaging Reading and Writing Programs for Grades 3-12

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