Continuous Professional Learning

Quindew smartly incorporates professional learning into the Quindew experience. The learning is teacher-centered and continuous.  

With Quindew’s built-in PD opportunities, classroom teachers are able to:

  • evaluate and use reading data;
  • discuss data with their students;
  • implement routines for teaching;
  • engage students with fun small group and whole group discussion strategies;
  • deliver skill-based pedagogy and explicit reading instruction; support struggling readers and target reading gaps; and
  • navigate Quindew’s Clarity Data and use the data to support all students.

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Quindew Orientation

The Quindew Orientation is a 1 hour training that is live and online. It is facilitated by a current classroom teacher who also uses Quindew with students. We do not use non-educator sales people to train your highly skilled educators. We employ the best of the best to work with your teachers. We value your teachers’ time and want to give them a practical training full of practical ideas, tips, and tricks. Like all of our embedded PD, the Quindew Orientation is carefully designed so that every minute counts!

Quindew Coaches

Quindew’s dynamic digital coaches provide guidance to teachers as they interact with data dashboards. Our bite-size learning moments help teachers successfully learn how to confidently use and effectively implement Clarity reading data. Our digital coaches are smart! They provide insight into the data, they point out essential features of the reading program, and provide practical ways for teachers to use the data to help their students. The coaches never sleep. They are always present and communicating with your teachers. The professional learning is ongoing and extremely relevant to what the teacher is doing on Quindew.

Instructional Videos

Quindew’s instructional videos provide excellent on-demand learning opportunities for teachers. We get it. Teachers are busy. They are doing a million things. That is why practitioners appreciate on-demand videos. Quindew’s instructional videos walk teachers through Clarity Data and show explicitly how to use the data to learn more about their readers. Teachers also have access to skill tutorial videos that students can see while Quindewing. These videos deepen teachers’ understanding of essential reading skills defined in the college and career readiness standards. Some teachers are not comfortable with teaching reading because they don’t have formal training in deep reading comprehension strategies. That’s okay. We all have our own strengths. Our demonstration videos and skill tutorials will give teachers what they need to take the next step with reading instruction. And the best part, teachers can rewatch the videos whenever they want.

Curriculum Pack

Each essential reading skill comes with an instructional video that teachers can share with their students in whole class and small group settings. In addition, each essential skill provides practical teaching pedagogy to help the classroom teacher implement effective reading instruction that’s supportive and engaging. Lastly, the curriculum pack delivers complete teacher guides for both reading and writing. Quindew’s Curriculum Pack makes data-driven instruction simple for teachers because the resources directly align with the data and provide practical professional development around teaching and learning.

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