Features - Student Dashboard

If you want to dig in to learn more about one of your Quindewers, click "View" on the Class Dashboard. You will be taken to the Student Dashboard. Here, you can manage the student's information, view Quests the student has taken, and review the student's achievements. 

  • Manage Information 
    Quindew makes resetting passwords and changing student information easy. It all happens on the Student Dashboard.
  • Quest Record
    On the Student Dashboard, you have access to every Quest your student has taken. Click "View" to learn more about how your student did on a Quest. 
  • Achievement Board 
    Review a student's achievements on the Student Dashboard. You can see how many points, cherries, diamonds, and badges a student has earned.

Classroom Activity: Celebrating Effort and Achievement

Once students have completed a few Quests, visit their Student Dashboards. At the beginning, they won't have many points (stars), diamonds, or badges. That's okay. Identify students who have earned a badge or two and praise them for their effort and achievement. Recognizing students early in the process encourages them and motivates them to work even harder. As students complete more and more Quests, you will see many more successes on the Achievement Board. Take time to recognize those successes. Publicly praise a student for getting a perfect score (or gold crown). The Achievement Board is a visual celebration of their hard work. Let your students know that you are aware of their successes.

Did you know?

The scoring advantage behind badges was inspired by bowling. The co-founders grew up in the same city and they would frequent the local bowling alley. They knew how scoring worked in bowling. A bowler who knocks down all 10 pins with a single bowling ball gets a strike. If a bowler bowls three strikes in a row, he or she earns a "turkey" (not an actual bird or a badge). After bowling three strikes in a row, the next frame is worth maximum points. The co-founders used the spirit of this point system and applied it to Quindew's scoring system. If a student answers three questions in a row, he or she earns a fireball badge because he or she is on "fire." The student enters into a streak. Every correct answer during a streak earns the student extra points and a different badge. A student who earns a perfect score gets the maximum 3,000 points and a coveted golden crown.