Responsive Teaching

Responsive teaching is an essential feature of Quindew's teaching pedagogy. We want to make sure every child gets what they need when they need it. This is hard to do in a classroom. With Quindew's Smart Responseā„¢ platform, we can offer personalized experiences for each child and create new learning plans each week.    

  • Adaptive Learning Pathways
    Quindew adapts and reevaluates skills and updates each student's learning plans so the next Quest is tailored specifically for that student.
  • Unique Support for English Learners 
    Quindew identifies English learners in a mainstream class during the sign up process. English learners will be flagged immediately on the Class Dashboard. Quindew responds by offering unique reading supports to your English learners.  
  • Coaches
    At the end of each Quest, your students will be given specific feedback based on their performance. The Quindew Coach will cheerlead and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Learning with the Whole Child In Mind
    Quindew supports the rigorous work of deep reading comprehension partly through timely feedback that is supportive, uplifting, and fun. 

Classroom Activity: Talk Up the Feedback

Talk to your students about the different ways Quindew provides timely feedback. From answer keys to weekly challenges, Quindew is talking to your students about how they are doing as readers. Quindew coaches up and celebrates students. Explain how these messages and acknowledgments can build their confidence and guide the decisions they make in their next Quest.

Did you know?

The co-founder of Quindew worked in a low socio-economic and culturally diverse high school for over a decade. There, he learned the value of responsive teaching and whole child instruction. He also wrote the teacher guide Critical Reading: Deep Reading Strategies for Expository Texts that focuses on teaching essential skills to middle school and high school students in an effort to close the achievement gap. All of his classroom experience and teaching "know how" has gone into the development of each Quest (or reading lesson). In many ways, you have a great teaching partner who is helping your kids read, one text at a time.