Quindew has your back! Quindew's adaptive reading program identifies the best texts, lessons, and supports that fit your students' needs. As your students grow, Quindew will grow with them. And as Quindew assigns challenge Quests--reading lessons just above their current reading levels--students have second chance opportunities and a support toolbox that differentiates supports, bridging where they currently are to where they need to be. 

  • Skill Appropriate Texts
    Quindew selects texts, lessons, and supports to best fit each of your students' needs.
  • Support Toolbox 
    Quindew's support toolbox allows students to select the types of supports they need to be most successful. Quindew differentiates instruction and support.

Classroom Activity: Modeling

Sign in to your account and click the "Try as student" button on your Classes page. Project your computer screen so that your students in class can see what you are doing. Go through a Quest and intentionally answer a question or two incorrectly. Click "Try Again" and show the students the Tools that are now unlocked on the bottom left. Click each tool and talk about how the students can use the different tools as supports. The kids will get a kick out of this feature. They will love their cherries, but they will love using them even more to buy reading supports. 

Did you know?

Most reading programs offer generic reading supports regardless of what students need. Quindew is different. We built an adaptive, smart reading program that offers differentiated supports. Teachers do this in the classroom. We thought our reading programs should too.