Quindew's Mission

Our Opportunity

Quindew is responding to our national reading data that shows students continue to struggle as readers. If students do not have the skills they need to succeed in advanced curriculum, the path to achieving a college degree or completing a post-secondary education becomes more difficult. For this reason, we are obsessed with helping students improve their ability to read well. And we are doing it in a completely new way. We are teaming up with educators across the nation to get students fired up about reading. We want students to develop what we affectionately call the Quindew attitude! That is, students should have a chance to struggle and improve. This is where learning happens! As a result, students develop the habits of mind of great readers: patience, determination, critical thinking, stamina, and curiosity.

Quindew's Mission

Our mission is to close the achievement gap by developing all students into confident, skilled readers who will thrive in advanced classes and higher education. To achieve this, we have created a free and fun reading program for all students grades 3-12. 

Student's Mission

Their mission is to become stronger, more skilled readers through rigorous reading practice.

Teacher's Mission

Your mission is to increase opportunities for all students to practice purpose-driven reading so that they can grow into great readers.

Administrator's Mission

An administrator's mission to support teachers so that they can clearly understand who their students are as readers and provide sustainable resources to help all students ready for college and career reading demands.

What Motivates Our Shared Mission?

Reading below or near grade level is a serious issue for our students. If students do not engage in consistent, rigorous reading practice, they will have limited exposure to grade level vocabulary, complex sentence structures, advanced text structures, and sophisticated ways of communicating information.

The shift from learning to read to reading to learn at the third grade creates gaps and holes in students’ reading development. As students move through the grade levels, less time is dedicated to explicitly teaching reading skills and strategies. As a result, learning gaps widen as students struggle to keep up with the curriculum.

In theory, helping all students seems simple and straightforward. It’s a matter of knowing who your students are, what they need, and having the tools and resources to help them grow. The reality is much different. There is so much to know about who your kids are as readers and what they need in order to be successful. It’s almost an impossible task without a partner who can help.

To best help students improve, catch up, and excel as readers, they need explicit, differentiated instruction with personalized support. Welcome to Quindew--your reading partner!