Increase Achievement
with a 

Reading Program  

that teaches deep reading comprehension
Support distance learning by offering adaptive, self-contained and rigorous, weekly reading practice.

Quindew: Prepare for College and Career Readiness

Students increase confidence as mature readers
Students engage in rigorous reading experiences
Students learn transferable skills for reading in all content areas
Students enjoy reading texts that are high interest and fully supported

Assessment and Learning Happens Together!

Students mark textual details and the computer grades it! Students have to know the answer. No guessing.
Students learn in real time with on-demand lessons, second chance opportunities and question feedback.
Students are motivated by personal goals and external rewards in the form of badges and cherries.

Know your kids better!

Celebrate your students each week for their reading accomplishments.

Review individual student's results to see how many badges were earned.

Monitor students' reading results to better understand how you can help them next time.

Quindew Is Your Partner

You are responsible for a lot. You are a teacher, an advocate, a coach, a shoulder to cry on, and a mentor. You are passionate about your students and the subjects you teach.

Teaching reading is just one thing you do. Now you have a partner to help.

With Quindew, you get weekly reports that are easy to read, reading lessons delivered directly to students that teach state reading standards, and a program that does a lot of heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Lift all students up!

Differentiate reading instruction with Smart AI Technology so students get what they need
Boost confidence with extra support and second chance opportunities
Provide positive feedback so students stay engaged and happy in the learning process
20 minute reading lessons with powerful support
2 lessons/week = 1,440 EXTRA reading minutes/year
Autopilot keeps students on-track with notifications
Receive weekly performance reports
Engage students with positive messaging and celebrations!
Quindew delivers an exceptional reading program that sharpens students’ reading skills.